Kill It Like A Beast [Strength & Endurance]

Kill It Like A Beast [Strength & Endurance]

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Keep Killing It. Keep Winning.

Introducing my ALL NEW 8-Week Strength and Fat-loss training program that is designed to give you the ultimate access to muscle growth, strength gains, and fat loss.

 What's Included:

  • 8-Week Strength & Fat-Loss Training Program
  • Full Video Demonstrations Of Every Exercise
  • Increasing Power & Improving Endurance
  • Pages Of Breakdowns On Healthy Eating
  • Carb Cycling Calendar
  • Nutrition Tips & Meal Ideas
  • Healthy Fat Loss & How It Works
  • Training Tips To Make Your Workouts More Effective
  • Cardio & Training Schedule

Equipment Needed: 

  • One pair of dumbbells. [2 pair is ideal: one heavy pair, one light pair]
  • Kettlebells are optional.
  • Exercise Bands.
  • Jumprope.
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