Beast Weight Loss Guide [Home]

Beast Weight Loss Guide [Home]

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My ALL NEW Full Body, Fat Blasting Cardio Program is finally here!

This program will provide you with 26 pages of knowledge on how to lose body fat & tone up your body the RIGHT way!

This H.I.I.T. Focused Guide Includes:
  • 4 Full Weeks With A 5 Day, Monday-Friday Workout Training Schedule
  • Full Body Strength Training Program + Cardio & Ab Movements
  • How To Calculate Calories According to your Body Type
  • Macro Cheat Sheet that lists healthy carbs, healthy fats & protein to help you create your own meals
  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack Meal Ideas & Recipes
  • Nutrition Tips for Fat Loss
  • Training Tips to make your workouts even more effective
Equipment Needed:
  • NONE

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